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Deri Llewelyn-Davies

Deri - Strategy Man

Asking the right questions is key to Deri’s role as CEO of Business Growth International as he helps leaders in both FTSE 500 and entrepreneurial companies to take their businesses (and themselves) to the next level. With over 20 years’ experience of commercial markets, Deri knows that whatever issues his clients are facing – from funding shortages to management fall-outs, corporate redundancy to bankruptcy – he’s personally been there and got the T-shirt. This fuels Deri’s ability to look at businesses and connect the hidden dots, using his innovative strategic planning methodology to lead him to the heart of the issue. He spends his spare time climbing the highest summits in the world.

Dominic Beecheno


Dominic has diagnosed the business and skills needs of more than 2,000 SMEs within the last 8 years, supporting business growth and development. He is passionate about inspiring and empowering individuals to take action, making continuous improvement an integral part of their business culture. Dominic’s personal search for what it really takes to be in the top 1% has left him with a bookshelf of more than 300 thinkers, leaders, pioneers, masterminds and success stories. His personal goal is to support, coach, facilitate and guide people to fulfil their potential in life and business.

Kelly Dunworth
Marketing Manager

Kelly has a background in psychology, publishing and marketing, and is passionate about supporting others to reach their full potential and spread their message. Her career path includes educational psychology, nutritional & business advice, publisher, speaker agent and marketing director. This journey has highlighted her ability to connect individuals to key people of influence whilst creating systems and structures for marketing a company’s vision. Both her network and expertise have been developed through her role as marketing director in a variety of companies, and she continues to grow her passion through branding, marketing and supporting authors with her publishing company Conch Press & her speaker agency Stellar Speakers. Kelly is drawn to work with companies like Business Growth International, creative visionaries of positive change. Having researched quantum physics and human potential, she knows the importance of having ‘a purpose’ in life and inspiring others through raising their consciousness.

Sara Beth Reynolds
Operations Manager
Sara Beth

Sara Beth has grown up in the world of Professional Speaking. With an international speaker for a father it was inevitable that she would be drawn into the industry, however her focus is on the operations side rather than on the stage! Sara Beth’s speciality is making things happen, from managing the production of an online video TV channel to running more than 300 events over the past 5 years for international delegates and speakers. Sara Beth’s talent lies in providing operational skills for major international speakers and organisations.