Strategy on a Page: Frequently Asked Questions


What is BGI?


BGI stands for Business Growth International – the name of the parent company comprising of The Strategy Man Ltd, BGI Products and Licensing Ltd and BGI Strategy Partners Ltd.

BGI also stands for Business Growth Indicators (aka KPIs): the measures we monitor on the page.

What does it mean to be an Accredited Practitioner of Strategy on a page?


Our expert Coaches, Consultants and Mentors who attend the Strategy on a page accreditation training are known as Accredited Practitioners. They have been interviewed and assessed for competency, completed the online learning (Business Growth Academy), attended the course, passed the test and now use Strategy on a page with their clients.


What does the training involve?


BGI Strategy on a page training curriculum includes:

Two intensive days of group training covering:

To support your learning and ensure you embed everything we have taught you, we will provide you a copy of our bestselling book and Audio book BGI Strategy on a page and full access to our entire business growth academy online learning platform (>20hrs).

Follow up training will be scheduled via skype within 2 months to ensure you are implementing what you are learning.

What is the investment?


The total investment is £1500 payable by bacs upon successful application.

NB: We may at some point in the future begin charging a monthly or annual fee to remain accredited. This would be optional and only happen when we are delivering additional monthly learning and added value.

How often do you get together?


Once a year we have an annual conference exclusively for CCMs and we encourage people to attend the Association of Business Mentors Annual Conference in February too. We may also from time to time arrange social evenings/events in London. We also run regular events for small businesses, which CCMs are welcome to attend.

Who else is part of the community?


We currently have over 50 other Accredited Practitioners – from all walks of life. The one thing they all have in common is that they are passionate about helping people and businesses succeed.

Profiles of the other practitioners can be found here:

How are applicants assessed?


People are invited to join the Accreditation training following an interview with Dominic Beecheno. On the whole we are looking for CCMs who make their living from helping companies to grow and who are looking for ways to add value to their clients – with Strategy on a page being one of those ways.

What is a CCM?


CCM stands for Coach Consultant Mentor.

  1. Coaching is a questioning skill set that helps people become aware of personal and business situations and that helps them to learn without telling them what to do.
  2. Consulting is an expertise which the consultant can provide (do) for the business being supported.
  3. Mentoring means you’ve been there, done that, run a business and can provide the answer when needed.

Who are we NOT looking for?



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