What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Hear how using our unique strategic planning methodology, BGI Strategy on a Page revolutionised these coaches & consultants businesses & why their clients just won’t leave them due to their increased success!

Julia Felton

Coach, Consultant, Mentor - Business Horse Power

"I wanted to learn strategy on a page for my business because the thought of writing a business plan filled me with dread. Whereas having it on a single page really appealed to me. 

It is simple and dynamic. Doing the Accreditation training also adds another string to my bow and Strategy is so fundamental to all businesses I knew I would be able to use it with all my clients.

I also really like being part of a community who all have the Page in common."

Helena Holrick

Helping you shine

It was an amazing two days and I'm excited to see what we can all create out of it...I've gone into the resources already and it's wonderful how much 'support' there is in there too. 


Lisette Howlett

Sandler Training (London Central)

I was lucky enough to be selected to join the BGI Strategy Partners group and attended the second accreditation, onboarding and training workshop. The workshop was great fun and well worth the investment. The Strategy on a page methodology is excellent – clear, well suited to the target client with immediate validity (ie people like it when it is shown to them). In the two months since I attended the accreditation training I have use it over a dozen time with clients in a wide range of sectors in the £250,000 to £30m+ range. Without exception they have all loved it and found it has helped them continue, or kick start, their growth journey. This is a definite ‘must have’ addition to any professional consultant, coach, mentor’s toolkit.

Ben Leon

Bravo Lima

Hi Dominic
Just wanted to say a huge thank you and congratulations on an excellent two days. I know how much work goes into the planning and organising both before and on the days themselves. Also great quality in the room, and I know you curated that!
So much of what Deri said resonated completely with me, and I am really pleased to have been able to experience the training, meet the other group members, understand the thought process behind Strategy on a Page and the overall direction of where Deri and you are heading.
I look forward to putting it into practice both with my ella-forums and bravo lima hats, and being part of the team.

Robin Lodge

Robin Lodge Associates Ltd

I attended the programme in March 2015 as a self-employed individual trying to work out a direction for my business and not really understanding what I wanted to achieve or what success looked like for me.  I was also locked into day to day activity, being successful but with too much busyness.

The programme has helped me focus on where I needed to be, both personally and business-wise and formulated a set of clear steps to enable to realise my strategy.  The programme asked some tough but important questions and forced me to think differently about how I was working.

I have now (April 2015) employed my first consultant, have changed accountants and have someone helping me to control my finances and I have to say, am enjoying myself and doing what I set out to do!

Thanks to Deri and his team (especially Dominic) for a thought provoking yet fun 2 days.

Sammuel Yisrael

"I found working with Deri at BGI Strategy Partners made me think differently about my business and my work as a consultant. The business strategy on a page accreditation training has enabled me to take my consulting to a completely different level."

Jay Surti

Advantage Business Partnerships

I was interested in becoming BGI accredited to help me work better with my fellow coaches at ABP. My main focus is helping clients with presentations and communication and I wanted to get a better understanding of the strategy coaching my colleagues undertake with clients before bringing me in to work with them.
I found it all very valuable - however the best thing was gaining clarity about using separate pages for my own work such as coaching, products and my professional speaking.
I came away really appreciating the clarity of this approach both for the client and me as a coach. I am about to start working with someone who has put together a business plan of over 20 pages....so that will be a great one to use the page with!

Mike O'dwyer

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Gary King

Managing Director - Tendo Ltd

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Daryl Woodhouse

Founder & Executive Chairman

'The BGI Strategy on a page is an excellent solution for business advisers who really want to add the most value for their clients.  It provides much needed structure and record keeping for strategy and practical action planning.  Similarly it is great for ambitious business owners to avoid having irrelevent lengthy planning documents that get dusty high up on an old office shelving unit, and instead maximise their growth potential and build a winning team"

'Selected as a Top 50 UK Business Adviser 2015 - Enterprise Nation'