Business Growth International: Our Vision


Business Growth International aims to make strategic planning vibrant and accessible. Strategy on a Page provides a unique methodology that is crystal clear and easy-to-use with measurable results.

BGI Strategy Partners will:

  • Prove by example that Strategy on a Page’s action-oriented, focused approach to strategic planning is dynamic and sustainable – the route to business success  
  • Support over 1 million small and medium sized companies globally to grow through our accredited network of Strategy on a Page practitioners
  • Create a vibrant, collaborative community of coaches, consultants and mentors. Share expertise and referrals to maximise business growth and development
  • Be the leading source of strategic planning IP globally, taught in schools and universities
  • Maintain a reputation for excellence through continuous learning and development of products and skills
  • Provide a dynamic, interactive, professional service that coaches, consultants and mentors trust and recommend to others